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by Curt_Baumgarth on January 16, 2011

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Go Green With Your Next Home Purchase Continued.

Live Large, while Buying Small.

It’s the newest mantra for eco friendly individuals: Small, is really the new big. The smaller your living space, the less heating/cooling, and lighting it will need. Thus, you will have reduced energy usage and utility bills.
With some careful interior design, you can create a tasteful and beautiful living area out of some surprisingly small living spaces.

Don’t be afraid to make changes:

Don’t expect to find the perfect home when you are shopping for any home, let alone an eco-friendly home. Whatever home you purchase, you will likely want to make some basic changes to make it more aesthetically pleasing for you and your tastes and needs. A fresh coat of low VOC paint in your favorite color is easy and affordable. However, ripping up the old, leaky, rusty, lead leaking plumbing is a much bigger task, but something to consider depending on the house’s needs. These are important things that you should consider when purchasing a home. An experienced Realtor can assist you with some of these considerations.


When you are looking for your next home, don’t rule out a home just because of an out of style kitchen or bathroom. Typically, these are two of the rooms in a home that will get you your best return for your renovating dollar. Assuming you don’t have to gut the place and change the structure of the rooms to get something that will make you happy, you can perform a modest remodel based you your ecological principals and obtain a greener, more efficient home which suits your style and needs, and likely increase your home’s worth and resale value when it is time to upgrade to your next home.

The importance of Shade:

While some people want trees close by for hugging, others look at trees for their climate control abilities. The foliage that comes with your new home can influence your home’s energy usage. In the summer, a trees leafy branches will block the sun and help keep your home cooler and use less energy. Conversely, in the winter, when the leaves fall, the bare branches let in more sunlight and in turn heat your home, resulting in cost savings to you.

More on the Outdoors:

A large yard with a lush green lawn maybe what you always wanted growing up, but remember, the lawn will use up a significant amount of water and need the appropriate amount of upkeep . A smaller yard will use less water, require less upkeep, and give you more time to enjoy your home!
Good luck and happy home hunting!

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